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  • crosby208x289.gif This is a scanned image of a drawing received from Bedford DPW representing the reconstruction of the intersection of Crosby Drive with Route 62. It is oriented with North at the top and shows Rt.62 (Burlington Rd.) running E-W and Crosby Dr. running North. The south arm of the intersection is the Rt.3N off-ramp and the on-ramp serving Rt.62E
    Choose one of the links below for the full-resolution image; the original scanned image is the .pcx file, while the .gif file seems to me to have the same image quality at half the size.
    crosby1664x2312.gif, 136Kbytes
    crosby1664x2312.pcx, 254Kbytes
  • The drawing shows both the existing curb and crosswalk, and the proposed curb and crosswalk. To distinguish between them, keep in mind that Rt.62 will be widened here, and an island is being added in the NW quadrant of the intersection.
  • The important details about this intersection and its planned reconstruction are:
    • no new sidewalk is planned
    • the existing sidewalk is on the West side of Crosby Dr and on the South side of Rt.62
    • the existing crosswalk w/ pushbutton-requested signal phase crosses 6 lanes of traffic
    • the new crosswalk w/ pushbutton-requested signal phase crosses 7 lanes of traffic to an island with a seperate pushbutton-requested signal phase to cross an additional 2 lanes of traffic.
    • pedestrians are rarely seen, but when present frequently avoid the crosswalk in favor of the protection of the island between Rt.62E and Rt.62W at the East side of the intersection
    • traffic running south on Crosby Dr. onto Rt.62W, while nominally controlled by a traffic light, has become habituated to ignoring the light, performing "right on red without stop," checking only for a gap into which to merge, and very rarely if ever has seen a pedestrian attempting to use the crosswalk

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